Re-exploring Key West

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Howard Brothers Circus - Ringling Museum

I've been going back and forth to Tampa since 2003 when my son started school there. I knew the Ringling Museum was good, but never had enough time on my way there (anxious to see my son) and always rushing to get home. Last weekend I attended the Molly Cromwell miniature show in Sarasota and knew if I was ever going to see the Miniature Circus, that would be the time. On Thursday January 7th I left Key West about 7:30 am and was inside the gates of the museum by shortly after 2 pm. A very fast trip (didn't stop for lunch), but I was determined to have at least two hours for the museum. They recommended I start with a video, but my mission was to see the circus so that is where I started. I've heard about the circus for years and years and was sure I would be impressed. Impressed isn't the half of it. It is absolutely wonderful. They also let you take pictures (without flash) and I am putting a few on my blog to entice you to see it if you ever get a chance. The Howard Bros. Circus is a ¾-inch-to-the-foot scale replica of Ringling Brothers Circus. There never was an actual Howard Brothers Circus. It is my understanding that the Ringling Brothers didn't want the miniature circus called that.


honeysuckle said...

Thanks for visiting me today. The circus sounds like quite an entertaining event. It is good to take advantage of all the opportunities to learn wherever we find them I think.

karina content said...

I ove this pictures when i was a child i lived fot years in a circus I wrote about it in my book ' Motherless by Karina Schaapman(that is my pen name) I visited your site many times , I started a blog two weeks ago , maybe you like to see it , kind regards Karina