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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Watermelon, watermelon and more watermelon.

I love watermelons  and have always had a lot of them in small rooms like my guest bath.   11 or 12 years ago I read about an art display - called 50 creations in 50 days.   The one that caught my attention was 50 Miniature assemblages.    I don’t remember the exact rules of the art contest but I believe it was 6x6 inches.   There were the assemblages, landscapes, portraits, nudes and probably other things.   I thought that takes real concentration to do something for 50 days.   I decided I would do that.   UGH!   Bad.   I got to 8 and decided I didn’t have another original thought on watermelons in my head.   The pictures I display here are only 6 of the 8.   I didn’t think the other 2 worthy of the price of the frame.   It gave me new appreciation of what some people accomplish.   The acrylic in the middle of the display is another attempt to get better at painting.   I like the results.    The 3D pieces are part of my collection of watermelons. 

The latest painting I’ve done.  12x12 inches.  

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