Re-exploring Key West

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Oh what a surprise at Church!!!

This past Sunday I was bowed over when I went into church.   I belong to the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Key West.   We go to the early service generally and there is a very low attendance at that service.   

When I went in, here is what I saw:

The quilts were made by the members of a church in Ohio.   They are generally donated to various organizations in Africa.   This year they chose to give to the victims of Hurricane Irma in Key West.    They were absolutely beautiful.   

If you didn’t follow Hurricane Irma, it made quite a hit in the keys.   Most the damage was about 25 miles north of us.   The keys  are made up of a series of Islands spanning 125 miles.   From Key West to the mainland there are 42 bridges that must be crossed.   

The quilts reminded me of my husband’s grandmother.   When Ron and I were married, slightly over 50 years ago, his grandmother made us a quilt.   She apologized for not having the money to buy us something.   I told her it was the best gift I got and she could repeat it at any time - which she did.   Quite frankly, it’s about the only gift I still have and can remember.   

In a very casual conversation I told her my sister was a bit jealous of me getting a quilt.  She also loved them.   The following Thanksgiving when we were at Ron’s grandmother’s house, she told me there were two quilts on her bed and I could pick out the one I wanted for my sister and I could have the other one.   My sister still has her quilt too.

It was a very pleasant Sunday morning and an inspiring church service.   

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