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Monday, August 22, 2016

Keeping things out of the landfill - a trash picker's paradise

I don't often repeat a post that I find somewhere else, but for this I'll make an exception

HERE      is the link,   It's not a very long video, but worth the time to watch.   It's about a sanitation worker who has been finding things in the trash for a very long time and it's displayed.   He is not allowed to keep it, but it is on display.   Currently not display to the public but maybe soon it will be.

Well, I have an aversion to seeing things go into the landfill.   I bring quite a bit of stuff home, not nearly as much as I would like, but quite a bit.   Most of it gets cleaned up and donated to the Salvation Army or giving to a sister sorority for their sales for charitable donations.

Well, my sister and I talked a lot about trash picking yesterday and amazing, on my walk this morning, I found 7 wine glasses.

I saw this box sitting on the road next to a trash can.   I thought - what the hell, who couldn't use more wine glasses.   I got them home, washed up, and will put a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill.   A very good way to get the day started.
 Not much to catch my attention, but it did.
 7 perfectly good wine glasses - no chips!   I call it a set of 6 plus a spare.


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The grandmommy said...

So funny I am reading this. I just came into the house about 30 minutes ago. As a trash picker from way back my eyes are peeled to anything on the side of the road. I just ran across a pile of yard sale left overs. My car is packed! I have children with nine of my grand kids. They will get to pick and take whatever they like. This is the third "bonus" this month!