Re-exploring Key West

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fred Cobbs Workshop - the Last of Three

I just recently had an opportunity to take a workshop from Fred Cobbs. I was told it was his final year of doing workshops. He will continue selling at shows. This was the 3rd in his series of workshops. I missed the first one - why? I really don't know. Must have been asleep at the wheel. I did do his 2nd workshop - last year at Sarasota. It was a garden shed. I really wasn't too interested in doing a garden shed, and I have finally come up with another use that I think will showcase the building. More on that later. One of the reasons I love workshops is seeing old friends, learning new techniques, coming out with a mostly finished project. I really love everything about workshops. The following pictures are of my finished project. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I have a couple more things to do. I want to put an 'antiques' sign out front and a few metal, rusted signs in the side yard. They will come, just not today.

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