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Monday, November 24, 2014

November QS OMB - It's all about ME - No not me, but Mary Englegreit!

I was very close to using my 'one free pass' card for November.   It has been a very busy month and I just didn't see how I would get a project done.   Well, never give up I say.   I thought what project did I have that was started and could be finished.   I had built this building (it's a Ann Bramlet house) some many months ago and I got this great inspiration that it would make a great Mary Englebreit gift shop.

You will be one of the first to know that my long-term goal is do a set of shops on Main Street USA.   Of course, it will need a Mary Englebreit shop.

There it is when I decided I could do the project this month.   Built but not even close to being done.  

 I wanted this shop to have lots of stuff and I do believe I satisfied that requirement.    Don't you love the sign "Your husband called and said buy whatever you want!".   Very nice of him. 

At the end of the store is a curtain set and above it, a sign that says we make custom curtains and drapes.  
 Scene from the top.   Books scattered on the bed - all ME books. 
 Clocks on the door frame. 
 A view through the window. 

 Another view of the shop.  

I think I will go shopping now! 

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PILAR6373 said...

Una escena preciosa y colorida,me encanta el estilo de Mary Englegreit!!