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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Yard Sale Saturday No. 6

Does it seem like a long time.   I missed posting last Saturday because I was at a miniature show in Lakeland.   Didn't go to a yard sale, but I'm back.   There was only one yard sale in my neighborhood today, but I went.   These poor folks have at least on other yard sale recently because they are moving to Arizona.   Wouldn't want to be there just now with all the people flooding over the border. 

I got two oval frames that will house pictures of my granddaughter and a music box   The music box has seen better days but the device making the music still works.   I will probably change it to sit on it's end and make a piece of assemblage art from it.   Stay tuned.   

Spent a grand total of 75 cents.   Can't go wrong with that amount considering the entertainment I get from it. 

Well, I don't often post follow-ups, but I got my handy-dandy gold paint out and gave a quick touch up to the frames and put two of my favorite pictures of Kaylin in them.

Isn't she a doll!  

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