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Friday, November 1, 2013

October OMB - The Lauren

Quarter Connection has been having a challenge this year where you take an unstarted or unfinished project and finish it.   You can do the building one month and the furnishing and landscaping the next.   My September OMB was to do The Lauren House.   It is a lovely project.   This month I furnished it and landscaped it.    I love it.  

This is what you had in September.   The kit still in the box. 

 At the end of September I had it built and wall papered.   I really like it.  

 Now in October it is finished.   I have laid out a patio on the side with a table and a grill - ready to throw on the steaks.   I've added plants and a couple of pine trees.  
 The little grill is wonderful and the table exciting.   Still some blooms on the plants that make them very attractive to view from the patio. 
 On the top, you see from left to right - a bathroom, a nursery done in Raggedy Ann & Andy, and the master bedroom.   On the  bottom is a lovely large kitchen, then a wonderful living room. 
 The Finished Project fits in a football case.  
 The living room sofa, chair and ottamn is from BlueCrystal28 (Joanne Whise) and she sell on Etsy. 
 The bed and chair and ottoman in the master suite is also made by BlueCrystal28.

As you leave my Jack Russell is bidding you a fond farewell.   Come back soon. 


Lady Jane said...

I love your little house. It is warm and so inviting. I haven't done any 1/4 scale in so long I need to get out my John Craig house and just "do it" Now with the holidays coming up I probably will be sewing instead but I will get to it....

Fabiola said...

It's a very nice house.
Greetings, Faby

Steinworks said...

I like it and you completed the challenge..good for you :)


The grandmommy said...

How adorable! Maybe one day I will complete something. :-)