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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tote exchange for a Virtual Convention

Virtual conventions have all the goodies a real convention have.   One of those things are all the goodies you get at a convention.   Participating in this requires a commitment early to making things.   Early this year we had to make 27 items and we received 24 back.   The other 3 are put together for large gift bags for convention  attendees.      You wouldn't want to go to a convention without being able to have lots of goodies.  

Yesterday I posted what came in my souvenir box and you saw this picture.    It was full of goodies. 

The first bunch were totes from Ginger, Lynn, Loraine, Linda and Susan. 
They are Mosaic Table, Bag & Hat, Life Jacket, Book and Desk Pad and a Yucca Plant.  

The next group are from Janet, Jacquelin, Gail, Kim and Joyce.
The are Pizza, Surf Board & Sunglasses, T-shirt, sun Hat and Beach Bag,  Water & Camera with tote bag, and Suitcase & Suit Bag. 

The next group from Linda, Leanna, Bonnie, Lynn & Karen.
We have a lamp, bowl of fruit, sexy nightie, champagne in ice bucket with glasses, and another lamp.

The next group from Cynthia, Luba, Pauline, Cindy, and Sandy.  
They are chairs, rug with games, lamp, wheel with sea shells, 4 place settings and a box of Santas ready to mail home.  

The last group from Jeannette, Preble, Fern and Tonia
The are hate box, suitcase, box of chocolates, money passport, map and magazine; 3 cakes; camera and book with life preserver and Towel, beach bag, life preserver, book and magazine.

Thanks to all the participants of this process of the Virtul Convention.   I should have lots of things to enhance my souvenir scene.
Day 2, Tuesday, September 17:  We’re landing on Gilligan’s Island!  Workshops Open for Convention Cruise Passengers to Register.  Silent Auction open.  Preview Live Auction items.  Chat Room Activities (9:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, Souvenir Q&A, 3:00 p.m., Social Chat).  Special Presentations.   Art Gallery (Exhibits) Grand Opening.  No-Charge Raffles (Houseparty Helpers) open for ticket submission.
Art gallery was a collection of participants favorite miniature projects.   I added, of course, a Raggedy Ann Project.  

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