Re-exploring Key West

Friday, August 23, 2013

Old Bones Antiques - Fuel for the Collector

As you know, I love my stuff.   Key West is an interesting place to live but if you are an antiquer or junker, it's been slim pickins for awhile.   Hurricane Wilma in 2005 cleaned out so much stuff.   When people throw out all their old stuff and the insurance proceeds pays for replacements, there aren't things going on the resale market.   When you lose collectibles thru rust (salt water certainly damages metal) and water damage and they are lost forever; it takes a long time until things build back up and hit the market.

Well, recently I discovered a new shop   (I don't know how long it's been there, but new to me) and I LOVE IT!  Old Bones Antiques and Local Art.    It is a very great shop with lots and lots of things in it.   You have to look at everything because it is jammed packed full and I love that in a store.      It's nearly at the corner of Fleming and Grinnel Streets in Key West.  


Teresa said...

So what does it say in the last picture after the word naked? lol. This looks like such an interesting place. I love seeing things that people lived with/used in the past. But hey! There are things I grew up with! I am not an I?

Raggedy Kingdom said...

It says naked artst, I didn't see anyone naked.