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Friday, April 20, 2012

2012 Birthday Swap

I belong to a miniature group where we exchange birthday swaps. I got mine a few days ago and had enough willpower to wait until today to open it. What a treat.  I really enjoyed everything.    Nearly everything was in quarter scale (1/4 inch equals 1 foot).  

Betty C- Sheet of small portraits, small pet shop and a Raggedy Ann Bed

Barb M- Raggedy Ann & Andy doll boxes, frame, fabric bolts, 2 ME framed posters and ME posters

Leslie R- Table with 4 chairs, bookcase, doll house, puzzle, ME book of Fabric samples, & ME Rug
Darlene B- Jewelry, mirrors, stove, ice box, lamp, bowl

Audrey M- ME Chairs, ME Hutch, Grandfather Clock and Lamp

LaGail J- Cuckoo clock, mirrors, candle holders, cake, book, elephant and gift boxes

Joanne H- Country Chairs and side table

Adrian C- ME Posters, light house, teddy bear, ME Painting framed & Little Car

Barb K- plates, ME Basket with book, Rug and cake

Ann B- quilt rack and silver ware

Fern R- fabric rack, desk, bottles

It was a great birthday full of mini gifts. 

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Lady Jane said...

I love everything Mary Englebreit and also have done some of Debbies things. the avalon being one of them and John Craig house is waiting in the wings. Your clock is just beautiful....