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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Classes in Sarasota

This past weekend I went to Sarasta Florida to attend the Molly Cromwell Miniature Show.   Before the show I attened two classes on Friday with Valerie Casson.   The morning class was a corset on a mannequin and the afternoon class was a very small theatre.   The theatre is about 2 inches tall.  

Saturday morning I took a class from Janet Smith on making quarter scale dessert items.   I will include her sample, and my results.   

 This is a chocolate fountain, with grapes, cherries, chunks of bananas, chunks of brownies and bread for dipping. 
This picture shows a raspberry torte, a tray of brownies, a cheesecake and a piece of cheescake and a piece of brownie on the little plats.

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Lady Jane said...

I love that corset!!! LJ