Re-exploring Key West

Monday, December 5, 2011


As you know, I love snowmen.   I got this little framed box at a silent auction recently and it came on Friday.   I loved it and thought it would make a cute room box ... someday.   It sat on the dining room table for the weekend and yesterday I decided to put it in my workspace and then I would find a spot for it until I could work on it.   Just sitting there, I thought I would try a few things.   Wham-bam - it was nearly done.   I still need another piece or two for the walls, but so far, so good.   It is not on my unfinished project list - didn't even make it there.   Enjoy. 


Teresa said...

That is great! I love these unusual containers. That one is so fun.

Carol said...

Sheila, you did a super job on this project! Absolutely adorable! Carol P in WA State

jackie said...

Oh, I love it. The container is really much prettier with
a scene inside. Good show!