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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Swap Shop - Birthday Swap

As most of you have gathered by now, I love miniatures. I participate in several (read many) miniature groups online. One does an annual birthday swap and this is the 2nd year that I have participated. You list your wants and mine were anything for shops (antique, ladies, fabric, etc. ) in either 1/4 scale or 1 inch scale or anything raggedy ann. Today is my birthday and I opened my box of goodies. Here is what I got.

Joanne - Books for Antique Shop

Carolyn - Antique Sign

Barb M - Bolts of fabric for ¼ scale

Diane - ¼ scale liquor bottles, ¼ scale book shelf, ¼ scale wicker shelf, and ¼ scale musical instruments

Betty - Framed Raggedy pictures, whole lot of candle holders, brass scales, Chinese lantern, and baby cradle

Crystal - Rustic Raggedy side table, ¼ scale bust and ¼ scale fabric shelf

Ann - assortment of gift boxes

Chris - dresser/trunk, cutlery box, photo album

Leslie - Vanity Tray, Raggedy Ann Doll box, cuckoo clock

Barb K - Raggedy rug, pillow, tea set and flower wall hanging

Fern - antique desk, antique toys, cuckoo clock, ¼ scale cakes, plates, catsup and mustard, and Raggedy toys

Wendy - Antique Clock

Audrey - blue plates, lamp, tea set, welcome sign, framed painting and organic star

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