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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 22 Lake Cabin - quarter inch scale

I thought I would be back to finishing my Moroccan Scene.   Dog is still bad and will be boarded at a veteninary hospital next week.   Some signs of improvement but not a lot.   Still happy eyes and is not in pain.   Kicking his legs, but still not standing.   Keep positive thoughts.     Thought in the interim I would repost some of my favorite blogs.   Still hoping before the end of the month to finish my 3rd project; my original intention. 

When I was little (about 3 years old) my parents bought a lake house at Lake Lotawana in Jackson County, Missouri. It had a cabin that extended out over the water. It had bunk beds, a little kitchen area, a big table and a couch. It was always filled with people. The kids would sleep just anywhere (pallets on the floor were popular) and the adults would be out on the porch or out in the yard enjoying the nice evenings of summer. At a later date, they built a proper house up on the hillside. I never enjoyed it like I enjoyed that little cabin. Close to the water and lots of togetherness.
The actual cabin had a much bigger yard, but the water was the high point of the cabin.
I need to add a little fence around the porch (don't want the kids to fall in), but I put my fencing in a safe place and can't find it.

I loved the lake and some of my best memories of my childhood were from this little cabin. I learned to cook out, swim, ski, fish and drive a fishing boat. It was great fun.
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Doris said...

Oh, I have to laugh about putting your fencing "someplace safe" and not being able to find it. It's the story of my "mini" life!

And I love the cabin! When I was little, my aunt and uncle had a place on the Texas coast which I hope to replicate some day. I remember it in very clear detail.

Doris in San Antonio