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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Today is the 4th of July and although I am a little late posting an image for the 4th, this has been up in my living room since Flag Day. The picture is of my son, serving in Afghanistan. This small shoe piece with Army helicopter and vehicles was an assemblage piece made in a Mixed Media Class.


Lainie's Little Things said...

Sorry I'm so late finding your blog. I just love it. My twin sons just got back after a whole year in Iraq. I will keep your son in my prayers as so many did for mine while they were deployed. And your minis are great!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi....thank you so much for joining in for the Rooster Party. It is this coming Friday, August 6th. I am looking forward to seeing your roosters. I hope you have a wonderful time.

Barb ♥