Re-exploring Key West

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Luscious bedroom -Shopping!!!! Welcome to my little world.

What to do with a plastic cube. Those cube designed to house collectibe basketballs. Well, they have other uses.
Take a look at the table my independent miss has set for herself. While your at it, take a look at Susan's Tablescape Thursday at .

I love doing miniature room settings. I got this wonderful bed recently and knew it would be the basis to a great bedroom setting. The suit has been in my stash for years and years. I always thought it would get lost in most settings and I didn't want that to happen. I also found the greatest plastic cubes by Pioneer Plastics. It is the cube for displaying Basketballs. Well most of my settings tell a story. The lady who would occupy this room would be very sure of herself. She is in New York for shopping. After a day of shopping, she got herself a great suit, great spike heels, a wonderful fur hat and purse. Before she goes out to the theater district, she is going to enjoy a little wine, some shrimp and crackers. If that doesn't do the trick, she will open the candy

Look at that suit. I love the hat with it and the shoes and purse make a terrific look.

Didn't buy only clothes; make a great gift selection at the Bath & Body store.

The shoes are spike heals and have fur straps. Just the perfect finish to this outfit.

Shrimp, crackers & cheese, wine and candy. That should tide her over for awhile.

The above collage is a scanned and shrunk version of my original 8x10 collage.

It is difficult to get a good picture when the light bounces off the plastic. But I must have a way to cover my room boxes to keep the dust out. Dust is always a problem in Key West.


dale said...


Looks like we have similar tastes. :)

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Your mini's are such fun!