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Monday, November 2, 2009

What do you do with all your minis???

I belong to an on-line miniature group, The Camp, and a member posted the question as to what do we do with our minis. Up until February of this year, mine were scattered just everywhere in my house. Not a very effective way to make a statement but necessary for most people who don't have a place dedicated to them. After I finished a show I did at the Florida Keys Community College I decided they needed to be grouped together. I displayed 26 completed room boxes/scenes at the show and although they are all not in this space, they needed to be concentrated to make an impact. I didn't totally accomplish that task, but I do have a significant number of them together. Oh to wish for more space!
The top picture is what you see from the front door. The next three pictures are small pieces of that wall. The last picture is in my living room. I try to always have a few on table tops. My husband works out of the house, so it is generally quite a conversation starter.

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Philippa said...

What a lovely collection.Do you have close up photos so we can see details ?