Re-exploring Key West

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a great day for a picnic

Here's my newest mini scene. I had this candy container and it just fit in the remains of a covered cheese board. Thought it looked like a bear picnic.


Debbie said...

How cute! I saw this and had to tell my daughter about it. My 2 year old grand son has short-gut syndrome (due to major surgery the day he was born) so he can't have much sugar. He can't have cookies, cake, most fruits, etc., but luckily can eat watermelon, so for his second birthday he had watermelon with candles stuck in his slice - lOL! His mom calls him "BooBoo" (as in Yogi Bear and BooBoo), so I made him a little teddy bear picnic scene with a watermelon instead of cake in it. When I saw your mini scene, I smiled and had to let you know about mine. These mini-vignettes are fun to make, aren't they?

Raggedy Kingdom said...

I love your story. I just spotted your comment this morning. Thanks for viewing my blog.