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Monday, June 30, 2008

Kits, Kits, Kits

I have always had quite a stash, but lately the unfinished kits have been making me crazy. To remedy that condition, I have been finishing them. It's amazing how much easier they are when you are doing them during the day, rather than at night after a full day's work. Retirement is wonderful. Completed was rocker and footstool; 144 size doll house, hand push lawnmower, box of seedlings, a geranium and a hyacinth, a heart shaped box of candy, 3 hat boxes and one little Halloween doll. The chocolates were a kit done by Vickie Johnson, the doll was Dolls by Darlene and the hat boxes are Anne Geddes. Some kits, I've had for years and am finally getting around to them.

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Pamela Wile said...

I love the push lawnmower. Can you tell me where you got that kit?


Pamela Wile