Re-exploring Key West

Friday, March 23, 2012

I think I have found my new role model!!!! IRIS APFEL

Have you ever run across a posting, a newspaper article, a casual conversation that just blew your mind?    Once in awhile I do and it is amazing the thought process.   I follow quite a few blogs and casually check them for inspiration and one of my favorites of and once again, I'm inspired.

This posting just blew me away.  

I saw one article where it mentioned her age as 90 - don't know how recent the article is, but she is still going strong according to the article. 

She says she is "not a minimalist"!   AMEN!    Neither am I! 
I love finding this inspiration.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Making quarter scale accessories

I love kits and have way too many of them.   I also like to have things ready so when I finish a setting, I can furnish it.   Having kits made up is the easiest way to do that.

This is what I have been doing this weekend.    I put a quarter in the shots to give you a since of scale.  

Fireplace with display case on side
 Fireplace tools (I had made the andirons earlier)
 Tiki Bar with stools.   There is a radio next to the stools, glasses, a coffee cup and bowl with potato chips on the top of the bar. 
 4 little red plate racks
 Two little shelves.  
 18 little themed wall clocks 
 Floor Lamps
 Eleven quarter scale books
 Two fireplaces with logs.   The backing for the lining of the fire box and the tile surrounds are following this picture.  Will complete them when I know where they will be used.  

Lot of fun things complete or nearly complete.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun Day - Fort Myers Florida - Beach Shack

This past weekend I joined a group of women to make a delightful 1:12 scale beach scene.   I was invited to stay with Barb at her new condo and she also invited people that I have know for years online, but had never met in person.   It was so delightful to meet Fern and Melody.   We had a fun 3 days and the last day was spent creating this wonderful scene.

The above closeup shows some lovely (little) pieces of beach glass,   The picture doesn't show it, but it really looks lovely when the sun hits it.

We got so many lovely little gifts that I have enough items to make another scene.   I've been doing tropical and nautical swaps for several swaps with online groups and thought I would use some of those items in this too.   The setting is ready for those out enjoying the beach to come back and eat, then to celebrate a special occasion with a gift and a bottle of wine.