Re-exploring Key West

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Let's swap out some art!!

My friend, Michele, is moving and this has been known for awhile now.   I am very unhappy about her move and will miss her terribly.   She is a very artistic, talented, crafty, and accomplished artist.   She is always inspiring me in my art work.   We met online and got to be really good friends when she moved back to Key West.  

She had some art work that I wanted and would have been happy to buy it but she suggested a swap.   Worked for me.

These are lovely assemblage people with a base of an industrial thread spool.    I really liked them.   Now what to swap for them.

I didn't know how much Michele liked my pears.   She received this in exchange for the spool people.

The Pears in their new home.  
   It is about 2 ft x 3 ft.   I love pears and have painted quite a few of them ---and will probably paint more since I now have an empty space.   I am so glad the pears went to someone who really liked them.   

Stay tuned for another swap.